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Courtney & Wes


Courtney & Wes | Courtney & Wes were such a delight to work with. They wanted to create an atmosphere that included elements of the Northwest in spring along with simple elegance. Courtney adored birds. Her favorite were hummingbirds. We added little touches like feathers, small nests and bluebirds to adorn the tabletops and altar decor.


The Colors | The colors were bright cobalt blue for her bridesmaids and gray tones for the gents. We had the full rainbow to pull from for the floral. While we popped with some vibrant pinks and corals, there were the delicate shades of peach and mint that added a soft whimsy to the altar and centerpiece decor.


The Details | By mixing textures of bark, moss and mercury glass, we were able to create the outdoor atmosphere that she was going for while keeping it elegant for her wedding. No two tables were alike. Each one had a unique mix of containers and colors to highlight the soft ivory linens.


The Tables |There was a selection of varnished wood tables that gave a warmth to the ballroom. We adorned the cake with the same sweet blooms and gave it a stump pedestal to elevate it from your typical cake stand. The ribbing on the cake was similar to the crinkle in the taffeta linens.

Cheers | What a beautiful way to celebrate with two of the sweetest souls we have ever met. We wish them many happy years together.