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Nicolle & David


Nicolle & David | 7.9.2016

nicolle-and-david-wedding-feet-bannerThe Bridal Party | Rallying around the Bride & Groom for their big day was a strong group of David & Nicolle’s friends and family . Between silly socks and unique dresses, this bridal party certainly lacked no personality.

nicolle-and-david-wedding-bridesmaids-signsnicolle-and-david-groom-partyThe Wedding Tent | The wedding tent was draped with white fabric & a chandelier was hung to help create a simple, yet stunning backdrop for the ceremony.  

nicolle-and-david-wedding-drape-chandelierThe Details | Each component of the wedding was deliberately executed to add beauty and functionality to the event. The chandelier was custom built by TLB Events to give a unique and elegant focal point to the wedding tent.   

The Nuptials |Guests filled the tent and witnessed David and Nicolle profess their love and commitment to one another.


nicolle-and-david-wedding-ring-exchangeAnnouncing Mr. & Mrs. | Joy filled the crowd as the couple exited the wedding tent as Mr. & Mrs.

nicole-and-david-wedding-newly-marriedThe Plate | The table settings emphasized clean lines and geometric shapes. Touches of gold and fresh flowers kept things feeling warm.


The Bites | Artfully plated & tastefully assorted, each bite was harmoniously assembled to create a beautiful meal.


The Games | Lawn games were created and put out to keep guests engaged and amused while the ceremony transitioned into the reception. 


For the Record | Guests were encouraged to sign a specially made record as a keepsake for the couple to remember their big day.


A Surprise for the Bride | David serenaded his new bride with a song.

nicolle-and-david-groomnicolle-and-david-receptionThe Reception | Guests congregated and danced as they enjoyed some wedding traditions and celebrated with the newly married couple. 


nicolle-and-david-wedding-dance-partyMeant to Bee | As a token of appreciation, honey was passed out as a favor to all the guests. The jars were fittingly labeled, ‘Meant to Bee.’ The labels carried the theme of the wedding and were pun-fully perfect.


Lavender Send Off |Instead of the traditional ‘rice send-off’, David and Nicolle opted for something a little more unique. Beautifully wrapped in music sheets, lavender was used to toss towards the couple for a fragrant exit.

nicole-and-david-wedding-lavender-music-sheets-send-offA Chapter Begins | Congratulations, to the beautiful couple!