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Holiday Party


The Holiday | After all the holidays, parties and hangovers at the end of January, the film The Hangover inspired this years post-Holiday event. The Vegas backdrop of the film and the wacky events spurred our imagination for an party that has just the right amount of wrong. 

The Bars | The bars undoubtably spurred a great deal of inspiration for the night. 

The Bar Inspirations | Each corner of the room had a different bar and a different bar inspiration. We drew from four beautiful hotels and bars  in Vegas. Our bars were inspired by the Wynn, The Venetian, Sugar Factory & Fizz.

The Venetian | Gold, black and Emerald Green was  the color palette for the Venetian bar area. While keeping rich tones and elegance throughout the area, the mask backdrop was built to bring the right amount of creep & cool to the evening.

The Wynn | The Wynn hotel brought whimsical inspiration to its bar area. Trees, big floral and spinning parasols framed the area.

The Parasols | An eclectic array of parasols spun over the Wynn bar. 

The Wynn Buffet | As an extension of the Wynn area, a buffet display was made using extravagant floral and woodsy details. 

Sugar Factory | An especially sweet corner of the evening was inspired by Vegas’s Sugar Factory. 


Sugary Specialties |  The Sugar Factory was a star bar of the evening, using colorful candies and fun combinations in every drink.

Fizz | Inspired by Elton John’s bar, Fizz; bubbles & champagne floated around this celebratory corner of the event.

Bubble Chandelier |  To go along with the real bubbles floating around, we created a bubbly chandelier to hang above the bar.

The Room Decor | While the different corners were themed, the main room was made to feel like a high end Las Vegas club. 

Touches of Glam | Mixes of metallics & white were utilized throughout the room, giving sleek touches to the surroundings.

The Entertainment | Vegas has a reputation for spectacular shows with impressive performers. From pick pockets, dancers and acrobats, this evening had it all. Viral sensation Jeffery Perez (Micheal Jackson Impersonator) and his beat boxer, Anointed headlined the entertainment with a full Micheal Jackson performance. 

Sights To See |   A variety of  shows with High Energy & talent engaged the crowd and facilitated a night of fun.

The Food & Drinks | Food and drinks were served throughout the whole evening. Inspired by a Vegas buffet, the food varied and was replenished throughout the whole evening.

THE HANGOVER | As it got later into the night the Hangover film inspiration came into full play. Entertainers dressed as the Hangover characters began to come out and things started getting a bit wacky. 

The Flip | As the evening flipped from high-end club to a scene from The Hangover, Tigers, chickens, pandas and “drunken” characters  began to emerge and interact with guests.  

Mattress Lounge | Everywhere you looked, things began to change. A mattress lounge rolled out and a piano bench was rigged. 

A True Hangover | Dancing continued into the wee hours of the night as people enjoyed their “night in Vegas”.